For Software Development, Consulting Services and Any Other Services

This Service Agreement will apply for any work done by the company between Ween Technology and its clients and customers. Both the parties will follow this terms and conditions other than any special agreement done by the Ween Technology and its party/ parties. If any complications arise between them, they will solve it by mutual understanding. If it doesn’t solve then both the parties can take help from the authorized government law.

Payments: Customers will have to pay in two steps. One invoice will have done for advance payment and another invoice will be done for final payment. After making and service agreement between Ween Technology and customers or after placing the work order by the customers, Ween Technology will issue an advance payment invoice and customers will have to pay the advance payment. After completing the work successfully, Ween Technology will give access to the customer to check and investigate the work. After checking the work, if customers agree that the work is ok then Ween Technology will create the final invoice and customers will pay the final payment. After completing the payment successfully Ween Technology will deliver the work within 48 hours of payment. If any of the parties do not agree on this payment terms, then they can make a new payment terms among themselves and in that case both the parties have to keep record of the payment terms.

Approval Process: Customers will provide all requirements in written. Then Ween Technology will give a quotation considering the customers’ requirements. Then if both the parties agree on the requirements and quotations, then they will make the work agreement digitally. This is the way that both the parties have given the approval.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality will mean any property disclosed between the parties. Here property includes documents, all kinds of plans, all kinds of source codes, all kinds of information like as business, technical, financial, marketing, analysis, specifications, drawing, design, programming. Both the parties cannot share these information with third party without proper permission. If any confidential property discloses to third party by 1st party or 2nd party, then they have to give reasonable and acceptable explanation and both the parties can take help from law enforcement department.

Warranties: Both the parties have to discuss about the warranties of the products/ services during making the agreement. In general, there will be 15 days’ time period to review the products/ services.

After Sale Services: If the customer need after sale services, then s/he have to include it in the agreement. However, if s/he fail to do that and claim/ ask for this service after delivery of the product/s or services or project/s then s/he have to pay for the after sale services in hourly/daily/monthly basis.

Termination: Any of the parities can terminate the agreement giving 30 (Thirty) days’ notice to the other party. Both the parties can terminate the agreement within 03 (Three) days if other party break the terms of agreement. However, both the parties can discuss together and can take 15 (Fifteen) days’ time to solve the issues. The consultant will be paid for the works/ services they have provided on a hourly/ days rate basis.

Force Majeure: Both the parties will go for immediate meeting for the solutions for any force majeure like as death of any vital person of the project, fire, earth quake, cyclone, strike, war, civil unrest, vast floor, terrorist actions, government regulations, viral diseases, pandemic and any other act of Nature. If any of the parties unable to arrange the meeting within 03 (Three) days or 72 hours, then neither party will be liable for any failure or delay to complete the project and to fulfill the terms of the agreement.

Subcontracting: Ween Technology may give subcontract any of the part of the project to its subcontracts or affiliates.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution: The terms and rules of any agreement will be govern, interpreted and constructed following the laws of Government Republic of Bangladesh. If the customer’s location is outside of Bangladesh, then this Agreement will be handed over and will run in accordance with the rules of International Chamber of Commerce (I.C.C) in English language.

Any other complexity which has not described above, will be solved by both the parties’ negotiation and if they cannot make the solution or failed to make conclusion then the issue/s will be solved with the help of law in enforcement department or International Chamber of Commerce (I.C.C) in English language.