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Yes, we offer support.

We offer both free and paid support. See our every packages to know about free and paid support.

If needed, we will install WordPress.

Yes, we will keep backup of your site which we have delivered to you. You can claim this backup within 3 months for free. After three months, you have to pay 9% of total paid amount. However, after 2 years we may not keep backups.

Please check our packages. Price is given with each package. If not, then contact with us for any price query.

Yes, if you migrate with 2 months of our delivery, we will help you and it will be free of cost. After 2 months charge applicable and it will be 9% of your total paid amount.

Yes, we do. We have many packages of Hosting. Domain is free with any hosting package. You can also buy separately domain and hosting.

Yes, we can. You can also host your email in our any hosting plan.

Yes, we make our websites responsive, anyone can visit from any device. If clients wants that it should not be responsive, then we go for as per clients need.

It will depend on many factors. Mostly website bandwidth. Bandwidth is given with hosting plan.

Website fast or slow, it will depend on many factors. Among them,

  1. Server response,
  2. Hosting Plan,
  3. Site media file customization,
  4. Page content,
  5. Quality of theme etc.

We will take necessary steps to make you site fast. BUT we will not be responsible if you take poor server and hosting plan from others.

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Yes, we do.

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No, you can not use our property/ data for any kind of personal/ business use. It will our privacy policy rules/ laws violation.

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We try our best to response any direct communication as early as possible.

We follow both the law of People’s Republic of Bangladesh and International Chamber of Commerce.

Yes, you can. We will definitely discuss about your requirements and inquiries.

Yes. Standard rate will be applicable for any new customer.

Our existing customers will get privilege.

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