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Ween Technology has been formed with a group of people who are very actively working in the sectors of Technologies. We are talented, genius and future technology planner. Considering on our characters we have chosen the name ‘WEEN’. It means ‘Thinking’. It’s a kind of unbelievable ‘thinking’. Science and Technology always think unbelievable and discover it to make workable. Here people of WEEN TECHNOLOGY want to mean that, what you are thinking about Technology, we will try our best to give it a shape and will make it visible and workable.

We are going to meet up your technology demands. We have innovative Developers, Engineers and Researchers. Maintaining best quality in our works is one of our characters. When working for clients, we consider it our own works and we give our best efforts. We have strong team of Software Requirements and Software Quality Testing. Collecting proper and accurate client’s requirements is very important to make a tech product. Our team will listen to you properly, will go for brief discussion, will think from your position and will try their best to collect each and every requirement. Our analysis and developer team will go for several meetings among themselves to make the best architecture of the product. They will go for all the good sides, bad sides and security issues. After proper planning and perfect architectural view, they will start developing your product with sincerity. At the same time our Quality Testing team will look after each and every steps of requirements, planning and developments. After completing your product our testing team will start their testing. Then a beta version will be launched. Then our QA and Testing team will go for final testing. This is how we works.

We, members of WEEN TECHNOLOGY are working in many sectors of Technology. Among them notable fields are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Desktop Software Development, Online based Software Development, Any kind of Web Design, Any kind of Graphics Design, Networking, Server Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Our team members of each department are very active in their works. They are very well educated and properly trained. They keep them updated with everyday’s Tech update.

Ween Technology’s headquarter is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have also branch offices in Cox’s Bazar, Tangail and Rajshahi. As we are working worldwide, we are planning to expand our branches abroad. We are working for foreign mutual partnership. Hopefully by the end of this year we will have branch offices in Turkey, Australia and USA.

Our mission is very simple. We want to produce best quality products; we want to give best quality services.

Nothing but we want to see our company in top ten positions in IT Technology sector in the world.







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